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UNECE Workshop on Sustainable Meat and Livestock

Discover the role of meat and livestock in sustainable food systems in this video recording Seminar on Sustainable Meat and Livestock.

Organized by UNECE and FAO, this seminar discusses vital topics such as circular economy, nutrient cycling and waste reduction. It explores the challenges and opportunities in achieving a productive, inclusive, and environmentally sustainable global food system. Tune in for insights into tailored policies and strategies while addressing sustainability challenges in meat production, and learn about the role of meat quality standards.

Prof. John Gilliland is the owner of Brook Hall Estate & Gardens and has spent his career developing innovative sustainable land management strategies over the past 30 years which he has developed and implemented at Brook Hall. The presentation by Prof. Gilliland begins at 00:45:00.

Download the presentation of Prof. John Gilliland OBE using the link below.