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Uncover the history which shaped this landscape.

As the headquarters for King James II, Brook Hall was a key stronghold during the infamous Siege of Derry in 1689 due to the estate’s unique location on the banks of the River Foyle.

Brook Hall and the families within played a role in many other historical events from the Great Famine and Irish emigration in the 19th century to the arrival of the US Atlantic convoys during both World Wars.

Take our private guided heritage tour to uncover more history of Brook Hall Estate & Gardens and the stories of those that lived and worked on the estate, led by a member of the current generation of the Gilliland family.

Pre 17th Century

Derry (Doire/Daire) is one of the oldest continually inhabited places on the island of Ireland.


Evidence of Neolithic Activity (4000BC)


Early Christianity (6TH C.)


Thriving Medieval Town (12TH-13TH C.)

Early 17th Century

The establishment of Brook Hall and the walled garden.

The plantation of Ulster and the development of the City of Londonderry.

Late 17th Century

King James’ army generals stationed at Brook Hall.

Siege of Derry by King James II.

18th April – 1st August 1689.

18th Century

Construction of the current Brook Hall and landscaping of the wider demesne.

Derry Established as a major shipping port.


Early emigration to America.

19th Century

Brook Hall purchased by the Gilliland family.


Introduction of advanced agricultural methods.

The great famine 1845 – 1852.


Mass emigration.


Boom in the shirt industry.

20th Century

War hits the family.


Development of the arboretum.


Downsizing of the estate & development of the biomass farm.



Derry strategic port for the Allies.


Partition of Ireland & onset of The Troubles.

21st Century

Leading the way in sustainable landscape management.


Restoration and enhancement of the arboretum and gardens.

End of the troubles.


Devolved Northern Irish Government.


UK City of Culture 2013.

Present Day

Explore and discover more about what we do at Brook Hall Estate & Gardens


Uncover the history which shaped this landscape.


Explore one of Northern Ireland’s top arboretums.


Discover the path to a carbon positive landscape.

Heritage.  Nature.  Sustainability.

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