Coille Dhoire Cycle Tour

Discover the story of the oak on this riverside cycling experience.

Coille Dhoire Cycle Tour

‘Derry Woodland’ Cycle Tour


On request in 2024


TICKETS: £50.00

Coille Dhoire – or the ‘Derry Woodland’ Cycle Tour, is a culinary biking adventure following the trail of the famous Oak Tree that gives Derry its ancient name. This 2 hour experience is a pleasant 10 mile round trip with inputs on ecological heritage en-route and relaxing bespoke refreshments at the half-way stage in the Brook Hall arboretum.

Our expert local guide will accompany you from St Columbus Park in the heart of the Derry’s buzzing centre along the Foyle Greenway. You will cycle across the Peace Bridge and along the River Feabhail (or Foyle in English), an estuary with a celebrated legacy of Atlantic Salmon which forms the basis of native food progeny.

The river provides the context for the settlement of Doire or Derry, a wooded island whose settlement dates from pre-christian times and which derives its name from the totemic oak tree, or Dair  in the Irish language. After a 20-30 minute easy cycle downriver to Brook Hall Estate & Gardens, you will visit some of the most unique trees in the river’s catchment. In the arboretum, light refreshments including a hot beverage and a finger buffet with a range of local artist foods are on offer as part of the tour.

On your return cycle back to the city you will cross back from the west to the east bank of the river, learning about the inspiring and memorable foundation myth which gives the river is name. Derived from the Celtic and Irish Sea-God, this origin myth tells the story that brings the Coille Dhoire, or Derry Woodland to life.

Enjoy 2hrs of sightseeing, stories, laughter and fine food on our Coille Dhoire Cycle Tour.

** Bookings are made through tour organisers – Far & Wild **